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TTL is developing, producing and selling filter media for industrial filtration.


The broad range of weights starts from 200 g/m² and goes up to 1.000 g/m², the widths are manufactured according to the wishes of our customers.

We will be pleased to give you competent and full advice regarding the selection of the most suitable filter media for your application based on our long experience and extensive know-how:

* made of Polytetrafluorethylene PTFE (Profilen® etc.)
* made of Polyphenylene sulphide (PPS)
* made of Polyimide (P84® etc.)
* made of Meta-Aramide
* made of Aramide blends
* made of homopolymer Polyacrilnitrile and copolymer Poliacrilnitrile
* made of Polyester and Polyester with PTFE-membrane
* made of Polyester: flame retardant, allowed for applications in the food industry
* made of Polypropylene
* made of fibre blends e.g. Polyester/PAN, P84®/PTFE
* with IFA-certificate (ex BIA)
* antistatic / electrically conductive according to DIN 54 345 part I + V
* with surface protection against sparks
* scrimless, made of different polymeres


Additional treatments are available to adapt the needlefelts perfectly to the operating conditions in the filtration plants (see treatments).