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In 1951 Hans Stössel becomes the new chairman for the company. Under his direction the machinery is being renewed during the fifties. In 1958 it is used to full capacity.
The sixties start promisingly. The production capacity is fully utilized and the machinery is modernized further, in particular in the weaving department (1964).
In 1970 the production of less profitable products is given up. Moreover, new needling-machines for the manufacture of filter media are acquired in order to satisfy the increasing demand in this sector. Even during the recession, this demand shows growth tendency. In the beginning of 1979 Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Jaehn is appointed chairman of the board. The company is transformed into a company with limited responsibility (GmbH) in the same year.
The mother company Dollfus & Noack S.A. sells the majority of the shares to a holding company in 1985, which has been founded by Manfred Jaehn and a group of executives. In the months to come, this holding buys all of the shares and Manfred Jaehn later becomes single shareholder. At the beginning of 1992 TTL is concentrating exclusively on the development, production and sale of needlefelts for a variety of industrial applications. The main focus is on filter media for industrial dedusting processes. In addition to that, the company is manufacturing spare parts for the laundry industry and industrial textiles for a number of industries.
A Swedish group is acquiring the company from Manfred Jaehn in 1997. Because of management faults abroad the group got into financial trouble and was liquidated.
In 2001 Manfred Jaehn and other family members buy the company back. Four years later the change of generations takes place: Manfred Jaehn transfers the majority of shares to his son Roland Jaehn, who moves up into business management beside the present Managing Director Thomas Lais.
In 2006 the company invests in a new needling line, which allows the production of a wide range of products. It should help to develop new business areas apart from filtration and laundry textiles.
In the years 2015 to 2018 several investments in new machinery are made. A coating line, a high-speed needling line and a multi-functional cutting system are installed. The company has hereby enlarged the production spectrum and gained a higher degree of vertical integration in the existing market segments. Further opportunities are opening up for TTL regarding the manufacture of new articles and the access to new markets of needlefelts and nonwovens for technical applications.
With effect of 31 December 2020 Roland Jaehn buys his sister's company shares and becomes hence the sole owner of TTL.